I can’t believe the end of January is already upon us and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  At this point, I hope you see habits getting stronger or maybe it feels like you’re still working to get started.  In either case, being aware of where you ARE is the first step in getting to where you want to be.


I have a confession this week.  I’m addicted to my phone. Sometimes I don’t even notice that I will mindlessly pick it up and scroll through it without any thought to those around me.  Before I knew it, I’d watched an hour’s worth of Tik Tok and accomplished absolutely nothing.  My phone is also nice enough to send me a usage report (or as I call it, the weekly shame report) of how much time I’ve spent on my phone.

You would think awareness would be enough to get me to change my ways.  Nope.  The next week, with full awareness, I go into the week and continue my bad habit of mindless scrolling.

What we don’t realize is the damage this is doing to the relationships around us.

When was the last time you engaged in a real conversation with your spouse or dedicated 10 minutes to each kid to sit on the floor and really play with them?  Have you ever gone on a date night only to find you have nothing to talk about?  Or being in the room with your kids, but never exchanging a word?

This weekend, my family and I christened our new camper and went on a weekend unplugged trip down the road.  We were only 40 minutes away from home, but without the screens, we could have been in the middle of nowhere and not known the difference.  That quality family time was so valuable and now that we’re back in the real world, I just can’t say it enough:

Put the damn phone down.

Let’s be intentional!

Let’s be mindful!


Remember when we talked about mindful eating?  Let’s start with dinner and do double duty- put the phones down, turn off the TV, and use dinner as a time to connect with your food and connect with your family.  Talk about the best parts of your day, tell jokes, ask each other “would you rather questions.”

At the same time, give yourself dedicated screen time.  Once the kids are in bed and once you’ve had a chat with your spouse, give yourself some damn screen time!  As intentional as we should be on being active, give yourself time where you are intentionally inactive.

Down time is just as important as the work we value- parenting, job, or otherwise.  Let’s just stop letting them overlap! The very important people in your life need you more than any Instagram post ever will.

You can. You will. 


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