I am a homebody by nature.  Even though I do enjoy the occasional dinner date, coffee with a friend or extended Target run… my preferred place is home.  It should be no surprise that quarantine was not something I dreaded or was upset about. I thrived. In fact, it’s from that time period that The Therapy Room came to fruition. With one goal:

I want to work from home.  


As the pandemic began in March 2020 I found myself relieved.  “I don’t have to deal with a daily commute.”  “I don’t have to go to a cold office space.”  It was the small things that turned out to be big things for me.

From that, I set a goal of owning my own online therapy service for working mothers, business professionals, those who may struggle with transportation or get anxiety in traffic (much like I did!). I wanted to make access to therapy service simple.  Almost a year later, my business has grown into a company with four wonderful therapists and a team of wonderful small business owners. How did this happen? The answer is simple.




I knew that I wanted to be a mom that was available to her kids after school. I also wanted to be a business professional. I wanted to be able to take care of my home instead of commuting back and forth to a cold office. From this, I set a goal and this is how my business has expanded. Small goal, by small goal; I achieve one by one until I am where I want to be.

Some of the habits I’ve adopted is to consume content that helps inspire me. FREQUENTLY. I listen to audiobooks from people that have achieved the goals that I am hoping to achieve. I talk to other women that are doing what I hope to do.  I keep motivated by keeping my goals at the forefront of my mind all the time.

Rachel Hollis has been a huge inspiration. Her book “Girl, Wash Your Face” is filled with words of encouragement that pick you up from whatever dark moment you may be in and help you to propel your mind into the space it needs to be filled with inspiration and motivation.

Happiness doesn’t always just find you. Sometimes you have to work for it. If your life is anything less than exactly what you want, then go out and create your own happiness.

Set goals.  Inspire yourself daily.  Find your tribe.  Slay your goals.

You can.  You will.  

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